Revisions list: soulwell_database
Red marked revisions are not used on the server yet.

Rev. number Author Note Date
172 Ladis [SQL/NPC] Garr: Use ScriptedAI instead of SmartAI, remove Firesworns from spawn and formations 2.06.2015
171 Ladis [SQL/NPC] Therazane: Update phase so players can obtain quest The Stone Throne 27.05.2015
170 Ladis [SQL/Item] Flame-Scarred Junkbox: Update loot chances and loot groups 26.05.2015
169 Ladis [SQL/Instance] The Obsidian Sanctum: Remove trash adds from Sartharion's creature_formations 26.05.2015
168 Ladis [SQL/Instance] The Obsidian Sanctum: Slightly reduced damage multipliers of Shadron, Vesperon and Tenebron (they should NOT deal the same damage as Sartharion) 26.05.2015
167 Ladis [SQL/Quest] Slash and Burn: Fix killcredits 26.05.2015
166 Ladis [SQL/Spells] Add spell_script_names for instakill quest items 25.05.2015
165 Ladis [SQL/NPC] Fiery Instructor: Both versions of this creature should count towards Trial By Fire 23.05.2015
164 Ladis [SQL/Spells] Knock Out Recruit: Item Blackjack can only target Twilight Recruit 23.05.2015
163 Ladis [SQL/Quest] Agility Training: Run Like Hell!: Spawned Blazing Trainer, added texts 22.05.2015
162 Ladis [SQL/Quest] Hyjal - Firelands Hatchery: Fix quests The Hatchery Must Burn, Flight in the Firelands, Wave One, Wave Two, Egg Wave 22.05.2015
161 Ladis [SQL/NPC] Igor Nest: Add new Hyjal and Deepholm gossips to Questline Guru 22.05.2015
160 Ladis [SQL/Instance] Throne of the Tides: Fix aura of Blight of Ozumat - Neptulon 22.05.2015
159 Ladis [SQL/World] Deepholm: Change players' phase of Therazane's Throne after rewarding Rallying the Earthen Ring 14.05.2015
158 Ladis [SQL/Dungeon] Throne of the Tides: Fix Neptulon chest respawn time 9.05.2015
157 Ladis [SQL/Dungeon] Throne of the Tides: Neptulon chest hard spawned in phase 2 9.05.2015
156 Ladis [SQL/Gameobject] Ancient Mechanism trigger: Created, spawned so player can use Orbs of the Stars (quest Do the Honors)
[SQL/Spell] Orb of the Stars: Added spell_script_name
155 Ladis [SQL/NPC] Schnottz Scout: Spawned for quest Lessons From the Past 6.05.2015
154 Ladis [SQL/Quest] Be Prepared: Tormented Tomb-Robber(s) should be attackable 6.05.2015
153 Ladis [SQL/Quest] Waterlogged Recipe: Quest should be repeatable
[SQL/Quest] Leader of the Pack: Attack Mastiff should have some pet_levelstats to deal damage
152 Ladis [SQL/Gameobject] Fungal Vale Necropolis trigger: Created, spawned so player can use Rayne's Seed
[SQL/Spell] Rayne's Seed: Added spell_script_name
151 Ladis [SQL/Gameobject] Darkwhisper Lodestone: Spawned for quest Physical Training: Forced Labor 28.04.2015
150 Ladis [SQL/NPC] Dr. Henry Jones: Created, spawned next to Archaeology Trainers (Dalaran, OG, SW) 28.04.2015
149 Ladis [SQL/NPC] Igor Nest: Questline Guru template, spawn and texts 27.04.2015
148 Ladis [SQL/Instance] Blackwing Descent/Nefarian: Onyxia spawned permanently 26.04.2015
147 Ladis [SQL/Instance] Blackwing Descent/Nefarian: Mirror changes to floor platform
[SQL/Commands] Command .gobject near also shows gameobject type
146 Ladis [SQL/World] Added weather support for more locations 8.02.2015
145 Ladis [SQL/Instance] Blackwing Descent/Nefarian: Added floor/elevator to the center
[SQL/Commands] Changed .list auras (short info only), added .list auraeffects (detailed aura info)
[SQL/World] Added weather conditions for some locations
144 Delxbel [SQL/NPC] Added link between spawned Elders and Lunar Festival 3.02.2015
143 Delxbel Fixed typo 3.02.2015
142 Delxbel [SQL/NPC] Added missing Elders for Lunar Festival 3.02.2015
141 Ladis [SQL/Instance] Blackwing Descent/Nefarian: Typo 2.02.2015
140 Ladis [SQL/Instance] Blackwing Descent/Nefarian: Added ScriptNames, DifficultyEntries, CreatureTexts etc. 2.02.2015
139 Delxbel [SQL/NPC] Added spawns that were deleted from server 1.02.2015
138 Delxbel [SQL/NPC] Fixed Eliza Killian vendor 1.02.2015
137 Delxbel [SQL/Object] Fixed Orgrimmar to Twiligt Highlands portal 25.01.2015
136 Delxbel [SQL/Object] Fixed Thundermar Ale Keg 25.01.2015
135 Delxbel [SQL/Zone] Fixed phasing in Dun Niffelem 25.01.2015
134 Delxbel [SQL/Zone] Fixed phasing on Isle of Quel'Danas 25.01.2015
133 Delxbel [SQL/Quest] Quest Victors' Point can be no longer obtained by Horde players 22.01.2015
132 Delxbel [SQL/NPC] Fixed counting Conquest Hold Raider toward Blackriver Skirmish 22.01.2015
131 Delxbel [SQL/NPC] Removed loot from Plagued Dragonflayer Handler and Neferset Smuggler 22.01.2015
130 Delxbel [SQL/NPC] Removed reputation on kill from Flesh-eating Insect and Emerald Shale Hatchling 22.01.2015
129 Delxbel [SQL/NPC] Fixed skinning of Tainted Black Bear 22.01.2015
128 Delxbel [SQL/NPC] Fixed reputation gain in Opening the Dark Portal instance 22.01.2015
127 Delxbel [SQL/Item] Added item Confectioners' Sugar to vendors 22.01.2015
126 Delxbel [SQL/Zone] Fixed doors in Magisters' Terrace 22.01.2015
125 Delxbel [SQL/Quest] Fixed quest I Need to Cask a Favor 11.09.2014
124 Delxbel [SQL/Zone] Fixed The Third Flamegate in Hyjal 10.09.2014
123 Delxbel Fixed typo 9.09.2014